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Did you know that 7 out of 10 kids QUIT playing organized sports by the age of 13?
The #1 reason kids quit is because sports is no longer fun. In a 2014 study for George Washington University, researcher Amanda Visik interviewed numerous youth athletes and asked them why they played sports, and 9 out of 10 said the #1 reason they played was it was fun!


Kids Come First

Everything we do revolves around one fundamental question that guides our program development to our coaching even in how we interact with your child.


"Is This in The Best Interest of The Child"?


Not Winning. Not how many TD's they scored. If your children are not having fun, they will eventually walk away, regardless of talent or how good their team or coach is. Adults rarely do voluntary activities such as exercise or community service work that they do not derive enjoyment from. Why do we think our kids will?

At OYFFL we are always challenging ourselves to bring a better program each and every year. If we ever want to change the program or even a practice plan, we always ask ourselves this one fundamental question "Is this in the best interest of the child"? If the answer is yes, we go ahead but if the answer is no we go back to the drawing board.

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